J-BOY by Biblos (2016)

J-BOY by Biblos


Colección de varios one-shot de diferentes mangakas... Collection of oneshots: 1) Indecent Encouter by Haruka Minami 2) We Will Love by Kana Mizuki 3) Go! Conflict Management Unit by Tsubaki Mikage 4) The Pale and Wavering Sketch by Waka Sagami 5) The Summer and the Nostalgia by Yukimura The Proper Way to Raise a Pet by Ruiko 7) Pretend Lovers - Secret Slave by Aya Shouoto 8) Getting Along by Nanao Okuda 9) We Have a Hero in Our Hearts by Terako Tsukimoto 10) Spiteful Cooking by Naduki Koujima A continuation of a side story included in Our Kingdom. 11) Neko Samurai - Ocean Barrier by Danji Kyushu 12) The Troubles of Kurashina-sensei by Natsuho Shino (A chapter in the first volume of Kurashina Sensei's Passion.) 13) Thief x Thief by Homerun Ken Also published in Clan of the Nakagamis 14) Our Relationship by Naduki Koujima A continuation of the story of two secondary characters from Our Kingdom. 15) Loving Boys Boarding School by Danji Kyushu 16) Here in Magic Land by Hirono Suzuhara 17) Rabbit Ear Kindergarten by Yogorouta Kamei 18) Shadows of the Forest by the Quiet Lakeside by Sakyou Yozakura


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